Microsoft Xbox Project Scorpio Launch Date, Specs, Features Update: Console To Be Finally Unveiled At E3 2017

First Posted: Apr 14, 2017 04:11 AM EDT

It seems like fans are pretty excited for the upcoming Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio gaming console. The Xbox Project Scorpio launch date update has reportedly come out, and Microsoft is planning on unveiling the console on June 11, a few days before the E3 2017.

Apparently, it was noted that Microsoft had plans on the unveiling of the Xbox Project Scorpio specs and release date at E3 2017 in Los Angeles. To support the statement, Xbox head Phil Spencer noted in a post on Xbox Wire that the team is pretty excited to unveil Project Scorpio and the amazing game experiences the console powers.

As far as Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio specs are considered, the upcoming gaming console boasts an eight-core system with 2.3 GHz processors powered by AMD. However, PC World reported that the processor chip is not AMD Ryzen. Further specs update unveils 40 Radeon compute modules clocking at 1.17 GHz with 1TB hard drive. There is also 12GB of GDDR5 memory in the system.

Microsoft Project Scorpio specs update further on the benefits of adding monitors powered with AMD FreeSync 2 technology features as well. This feature will enable gamers to play high-definition games smoother.

As per the 4K gaming experience, the Xbox Project Scorpio specs and features note of true 4K gaming experience at 60 fps, the Microsoft executives claimed. They even demonstrated the capabilities of the gaming console by running "Forza" to prove their claim.

Spencer also added in his statement that finally any gaming console's performance is all about the games it is able to run with full-fledged efficiency. Microsoft is proud to announce its diverse series of games coming in 2017 exclusive for Xbox One and Project Scorpio, Spencer further stated.

No matter how impressive Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio specs update might be, there were no updates on the virtual reality segment for the upcoming console. If Xbox Project Scorpio truly wants to compete with the likes of Sony PlayStation 4 Pro, it needs to unveil its plans on VR as well. Hopefully, the company is planning on saving that update for E3 2017.

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