Nintendo Switch Jailbreak Update: Hackers Claim Homebrewed Switch To Be Much Easier To Achieve Than Sony's

First Posted: Apr 14, 2017 04:03 AM EDT

No matter how shielded a console is, hackers keep looking for ways to break through the system. Hackers claim that Nintendo Switch Jailbreak update may not take much time to come out as the system is not that hard to crack as much as the Sony's PS4 gaming console.

Nintendo did launch its HackerOne program in December 2016 that offers rewards ranging from $100 to $20,000 for locating exploits and bugs in its 3DS variant. The step had to be taken due to extensive piracy on Nintendo's vulnerable gaming consoles like the Wii U and 3DS.

The HackerOne program did manage to find a few exploits and bugs for which the volunteers were rewarded. Thus, the company decided to carry on the program to the Switch. However, a future Nintendo Switch Jailbreak update is not that difficult, and potential hackers noted that the console may be homebrewed anytime soon.

A hacker named Stan noted in an interview with Kotaku that there is a high possibility of Nintendo Switch Jailbreak update to come out soon. He further noted that Switches are going to be homebrewed as Nintendo is nowhere close to Sony's gaming console when it comes to protecting their IP and consoles from hacking and exploits. Stan noted that Nintendo Switch is not different from the previous variants brought by the company.

Moreover, Gizmodo reported that there is already an iOS jailbreaking tool that has been able to discover the vulnerability of the Nintendo Switch. Subreddit named Wii U Hacks' moderator Curtisy1 noted that the Switch may not face as much of a problem with piracy and homebrew as the 3DS did. However, he further quoted that if Nintendo Switch Jailbreak update happens, then the company's front runner console may be termed as "Wii u 2.0 with cool things happening but massive loss of interest as well."

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