Samsung Galaxy X Latest News & Update: Foldable Smartphone Expected To Be Launched This Year

First Posted: Apr 13, 2017 05:13 AM EDT

The Samsung's Edge-to-Edge display impressed several fans worldwide, but something more impressive is about to come very soon. The company has been working on foldable display for several years now. The Korean company may be prepared to launch a foldable smartphone that would be called Samsung Galaxy X before the end of the year.

According to an article from Android Central, Samsung is still in the process of requesting components to manufacture 2,000 to 3,000 prototype devices. The foldable handset is said to be part of the company's "Project Valley." The main goal of the project is to create a foldable smartphone that would be called Samsung Galaxy X.

Report claims that the Samsung Galaxy X prototype can be folded open 180 degrees. The device also features a pair of OLED screen panels that are connected with a special hinge in the middle. The company will be using these prototypes to make sure they will actually work and to gather more ideas from them.

The bendable and foldable smartphones are not a new concept in the tech world. The concept has been around for several years. Way back in 2011, Samsung even released a sample of a foldable smartphone with a touch AMOLED display. The device even held together after 100,000 folds, but a slight problem occurred after it. Fans are expecting that Samsung Galaxy X would be the perfect foldable phone first released by the company.

According to Trusted Reviews, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy X prototype might have a bigger display compared to the previous prototype. There might also be two screens that will be designed for multi-tasking rather than being used as one huge screen display. The device might almost have no bezel. Samsung fans seem so excited, but the foldable phones probably would not hit the mass market until the year 2019.

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