New Google Earth To Launch Soon; New Features Include VR Support

First Posted: Apr 13, 2017 03:44 AM EDT

Earth Day is approaching and Google has plans to make it special for everyone this year. To set things in motion, a new Google Earth is expected to be unveiled on April 18 at 8:30 a.m. ET during an event at New York's Whitney Museum of Art.

As far as the new Google Earth program is concerned, it is said to offer a new level of experience through the use of virtual reality mechanics. However, this is not the very first unveiling of the revamped application as Google Earth developers had already launched a VR-version app on Steam the previous year. The app was limited to HTC Vive headgears back then.

According to Android Authority, Google Earth program, which originally launched as EarthViewer 3D funded by CIA, will feature a whole new experience of exploring the world and beyond through VR. Google will integrate the revamped program with the latest Google Maps and Street View services for users to acquire maximum usability.

Now that Google has its own VR tech device called Google Daydream, the Google Earth developing team plans on implementing the program on the device as well. Further reports note of the program to be a part of platforms as well, adding more diversity to the program. Support for more affordable VR headsets may increase the usability of the program, Engadget reported. Google plans on improving it with more Google Earth updates in the future that will offer a more immersive experience.

Besides the upcoming Google Earth program, Google has been working on augmented reality museum and virtual tour programs as well. These will revolutionize the way users tend to learn about things.

Google Daydream will support such applications and programs in the future as reported by the company. Additionally, Google Earth will mark the starting of a new immersive experience for users worldwide.

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