Unraveling The Capsule That Could Send People To Space

First Posted: Apr 06, 2017 03:30 AM EDT

Blue Origin founder Jeffrey P. Bezos showed off the space capsule that could send tourists into space at the Space Symposium last Wednesday. The spacecraft is described as cool and comfy with lots of handles, in which travelers could hang and float in the air.

The space capsule, which is dubbed as "New Shepard," was named to honor the trailblazing NASA astronaut. It will have its flying tests in the coming year.

Billionaire Bezos said that if an individual goes to space, it changes you as each one says. "All the astronauts come back with stories like that. It's very emotional to see this Earth and see the thin limb of the atmosphere."

Jeff P. Bezos added that they are planning to make it safe as they can and test it. There will be no shortcuts, as noted by Florida Today.

Bezos also stated that Blue Origin will start flying paying customers by 2018 tentatively after a series of the flight-testing program to be undertaken. It is a suborbital tourist flight that occurs at just 10 or 11 minutes. The spacecraft could carry six passengers that will board the vehicle about 30 minutes before liftoff. The capsule will separate from the booster, and as it climbs, the passengers could unbuckle and then float inside for about 4 minutes before it will fly back on a landing pad, according to The Washington Post.

The vehicle's interior is incorporated with black- and-blue seats with controls and head restraints. It has multi-paneled windows with about 1,000 square inches. It is accented with blue light and with doubled black window frames.

Blue Origin aims to enable millions of people living and working in space, as Bezos pointed out. The space tourism will lead to this goal. He emphasized that they are not racing, and the spacecraft aims to carry humans. So, they would make it safe as they can. 

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