Stephen Hawking Searches For A New Voice; A Winner Who Beat Liam Neeson's Voice! [Video]

First Posted: Mar 27, 2017 06:29 AM EDT

It seems like the eminent physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, is reportedly over his robotic voice designed by Intel's speech-generating device. So, he auditioned for a number of popular voices to figure out the one he wants for himself, for fun, of course! The idea was a part of U.K.'s Comic Relief Charity drive and the professor was a part of it.

A number of celebrities volunteered to offer their voices, including Liam Neeson. Other fan favorites included Rebel Wilson. When she pronounced "Stephen," it was pretty hilarious and that is just the starting of official comic relief video. Later on, Professor Stephen Hawking is confronted with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who has the habit of swearing a lot. Hawking rejected his voice saying that if he sounded like him, he would not be taken seriously (with the F-word in between).

Then, the Comic Relief video features a number of other notable guest appearances such as Bill Gates, John Boyega, Anna Kendrick, Simon Cowell and Lin-Manuel Miranda. It is pretty funny to see the various reasons celebrities come up with when suggesting that their voice was perfect for him.

The best one to audition was Eddie Redmayne, who portrayed Professor Stephen Hawking himself in The Theory of Everything. While searching for voices, viewers also got a guest appearance from Siri who believes that Hawking does not need a voice change, which he has been carrying around for over 30 years. She quotes that his voice is "super sexy and cool."

CNET notes that, after hearing from so many familiar faces, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking finally finds a voice that he can admire. And, people think the winning voice is just the perfect match for him. And, the winner for Hawking's new voice is...

See if you can figure out the mysterious voice. Check out the complete video below to find out who else auditioned for the Comic Relief charity drive.

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