Secret Tinder For Models, Rich People Available

First Posted: Mar 09, 2017 05:52 AM EST

A lot of people swiped left on Tinder more than right. This is so even though sometimes matches do not really match in the long run.

If anyone is wondering where all the good-looking, rich people are, the thing is that they may be on another version of Tinder that is only available for those who are really good-looking, rich, famous, or all three. Such version of the app is meant only for "elite users" such as CEOs, models, celebrities or "hyper-attractive/upwardly affluent" types.

Tech Crunch noted that an anonymous source noted this to be basically an app "for celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder." To be part of this crowd, Tinder invites people to Select and gives the members the ability to "nominate" others, while the app itself may be able to nominate people based on their "Elo Score." This is basically an algorithm-based rating system to determine how desirable a person is.

Tinder Select users can navigate between the exclusive version and the regular app. While many appear to be surprised about its existence, it seems that Tinder Select has been around for months, according to Reddit.

Tinder Select also extends its exclusivity to the look and feel of the app. For instance, the orange Flame icon is replaced by a corporate-looking blue "S" at the top of the screen that is used for toggling in and out of both versions of the app.

This is not the only exclusive dating site, though. There is Raya, an under-the-radar dating app for famous people including Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, and The League, which is an invite-only app for young professionals based on their educational and professional achievements. Bumble, a direct competitor of Tinder, also noted that it is relaunching the VIBee app experience, which is said to be a "curated digital social club," Fortune reported.

For those who want these apps but cannot actually meet the criteria, Tinder does have another option: Tinder Plus. It has a boost feature that lets a user be on the "top" profiles in the area for 30 minutes. Thus, this increases the number of possible matches by up to 10 times than the normal amount.

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