Quantum Physics And Consciousness: A Mystery Yet To Be Resolved

First Posted: Mar 09, 2017 05:59 AM EST

Scientists and spiritual gurus across the globe have been trying to describe the state of consciousness for far too long. Some of these explanations are based on logic while other not so much. However, a consensus theory that explains human consciousness is lacking till date. Nonetheless, the theory of quantum physics and consciousness, though not accepted completely, has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times.

While quantum theory in itself is too complicated for most people to comprehend, some physicists believe that it may be the key to explain the state of consciousness on an atomic and subatomic level. The theory has been further propagated since the advent of quantum computers. Most physicists hypothesize that the way a quantum computer is able to accomplish extremely complicated tasks that a normal computer cannot may be the key to mankind's understanding of the consciousness, BBC reported.

While contradictory theories proposed by physicists and spiritualists pertaining to quantum physics and consciousness prevail, many artists believe that there is a deep underlying connection between the two. Furthermore, many of them try to express this connection in not so scientific but highly artistic manner. According to the North Denver Tribune, Jennifer Parisi, renowned artist from Denver, will soon be exhibiting her 20-piece show on quantum physics, named Unified Field Theory.

The show, scheduled on March 30, is expected to host most spectacular portraits of principles of quantum physics and its connections with mystical writing and consciousness. In addition, Parisi's show will also host artistic portrayal of four other fundamental scientifically explained forces of nature like weak and strong nuclear interactions, gravitational and electromagnetic forces.

In the meantime, filmmaker Frank Huguenard will host the screening of The Physics of the Soul documentary on the interconnections between quantum physics and consciousness, at the Appalachian State University, on March 21. The documentary features the views and explanations on human consciousness given by notable authors, scientists, physicists and spiritual gurus, Appalachian State University News reported.

The documentary is speculated to be highly insightful and will help in propagating the logic behind the application of principles of quantum physics in explaining human consciousness. These events are a proof that the society is coming out of the era of blind belief and entering into the new age where people believe in reasoning and logic.

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