What To Call The Seven Newly Discovered Planets? NASA Wants Help Of The Public To Name Them

First Posted: Mar 04, 2017 03:56 AM EST

The newfound seven planets are such a significant discovery in the field of Science. Most people are in wonderment with the disocvery. To make them be a part of this breakthrough, NASA asked the public to help name the seven planets.

Many people responded and excited to designate the seven planets. They were amazed in taking part of naming them. It even became trending and posted names on social media like Twitter.

They suggested names such as Johnny thyroids, murple, grapefruit. Another man said that he would name them after the seven dwarfs. A woman also said that she will name them after the women who worked at NASA who were in Hidden Figures, as noted by CBS New York.

Some were also pressurized with what names they would designate the seven planets. "What I would name new planets? Oh God, that's a lot of pressure," said another woman.

Kevin Conod, a planetarium manager, told Jessica Layton of CBS2 that from serious to silly and sweet, it has got people talking about Science. He explained that the seven planets are rocky type planets and somewhat like the Earth in terms of size. He added that they are lightyears away from the Earth and would take about 159,000 years to get there.

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post reports that some Twitter users posted their suggested names for the seven new discovered planets. It is good that the public is engaged in naming them. NASA will take in consideration those ideas, yet the Astronomical International Union will make the final decision, according to Conod.

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