The Mysterious 'Fireball' Spotted Off Australia's South Coast Inspires Alien Conspiracy Theorists

First Posted: Mar 02, 2017 03:00 AM EST

A mysterious fireball was seen crossing the Tasmanian skyline on Tuesday morning, which generates speculations on what could this mystic flying object be. The federal government's air navigation services provider Airservices Australia stated that it was just an aircraft passing over Australian airspace. On the other hand, this view is not for the alien conspiracy theorists.

The perspective of some alien conspiracy theorists was visible on the social media, Facebook. They declared that alien life had finally made it to Tasmania.

"This isn't a bloody plane, wake up people. If it was a plane then damn that would be one burning big ass plane," said one Facebook user. He added that planes do not leave flames.

A UFO believer said it was a UFO and sightings of landing with police sectioning the area off. He added that it was a potential alien encounter. Another UFO believer said that he does not want to alarm anyone but the alien visitors are our friends.

According to ABC, the object was filmed by Lee-Anne Peters, a Sorell resident. Peters described it as very slow moving, not like the high jets she had seen before. She thought it was a meteorite. She was not sure either what it was. On the other hand, now she knows that it was just a plane with the sunrise highlighting its contrails. This verdict was not accepted by some Facebook users and believed that it was a close encounter with an extraterrestrial life.

Meanwhile, David Finlay from Australian Meteor Reports stated that he had not received any reports of the visibility of meteor over Tasmania. He also confirmed that the fireball was a jet contrail in the dawn light. He explained that it is not uncommon for people to mistake jet contrails for meteors, especially in the afternoon and in the western sky as the Sun sets. He added that he had watched some people looking at contrails who even thought they were seeing a comet. He finally concluded that it was a beautiful video of an A380 contrail, according to 

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