No More Tampons Or Sanitary Pads: Lipstick That Can Solve All Menstrual Cycle Period Days' Woes Developed

First Posted: Feb 27, 2017 03:40 AM EST

The difficulties that all women face during menstrual cycle period days are no secret. Companies across the world work relentlessly to develop newer and better period products, which include tampons, period panties, sanitary pads and much more. Recently, a man from the United States of America developed a new innovative product, which is probably the one-stop solution to all problems associated with menstrual bleeding.

Dr. Dan Dopps, an American chiropractor, has developed a lipstick, which when applied on the vaginal lips acts as a superglue and seals it. This stops the flow of menstrual blood and helps avoid all the problems associated with it, The Indian Express reported.

The basic principle behind this groundbreaking period product is as simple as licking the lips, which most people do when their lips are glued, especially in the morning. Licking the lips helps in wetting them and opening them up.

In the same way, the menstrual lipstick when applied on the vaginal lips seals them shut, which stops the flow of the menstrual blood. These vaginal lips will open again during urination, so that the internally accumulated menstrual blood is directly flushed away with the urine, directly into the toilet.

According to The Southland Times, the menstrual lipstick glue innovated by Mensez employs an appropriate combination of amino acids and natural oils. Mensez wrote on its website that the product technology is patented and it is certified as "safe and secure for the user."

Dr. Dopps hopes that the product technology will be sold to brands like Procter & Gamble or Kimberly Clark. Once the product is commercialized, it will transform the period product market. Experts deem it to be "a revolutionary, safer solution for women to control their periods, without the need for tampons, pads, vag cups or period panties."

However, the exact efficacy of the product in providing a solution to the menstrual cycle period days' woes can only be known after it is tested for safety (risk of vaginal infection), comfort and acceptability in the society.

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