Having A Cheat Meal Once A Week Is Enough To Cause Diabetes And Liver Diseases

First Posted: Feb 20, 2017 04:05 AM EST

For people who follow a strict diet and physical exercise routine, it is usually thought that having a cheat meal once a week would not have much of a effect. However, a recent study done by a team of researchers from the German Diabetes Center and the Helmholtz Center, Munich, indicated that the health impacts of having a single slice of pizza once in a blue moon is far more worse than what was previously anticipated.

Having a cheat meal once a week, which is loaded with extra fat, especially palm oil, may induce insulin resistance, which is the first step towards developing diabetes and fatty liver disease. This was substantiated by the experiments done on healthy as well as diabetic people. Surprisingly, it was found that one high dosage of hgh fat, in the form of palm oil, when administered in healthy individuals could alter the liver metabolism and even cause diabetes in the long run, The Marshal Town reported.

According to Detroit Free Press, the researchers asked healthy men with optimal body weight to drink a flavored palm oil drink that contained fat equivalent to the amount found in two bacon cheeseburgers and a full plate of French fries or two salami pizzas, which most often people eat during weekends. The control group was given a glass of water instead of the fat-rich drink.

The researchers then studied the liver metabolism and insulin activity in the fat administered men. They found that the changes in physiological parameters were similar to those of people suffering with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and Type II diabetes, The Economic Times reported.

The study findings published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation indicate that having a cheat meal once a week may sabotage all the efforts put in dieting and exercising. Though the study did not shed any light on the correlation between the altered metabolism and the physical activity levels in the subjects, experts suggest that it is better to stay as far away from these sugar and fat-loaded fast foods.

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