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One More Fake UFO Sighting

First Posted: Feb 16, 2017 04:40 AM EST
One More Fake UFO Sighting
The alleged UFO spotted by a stargazer during lunar eclipse was a fake one. (Image for representation only.)
(Photo : Eric Evans/YouTube screenshot)

The number of UFO sightings across the world is multiplying on an exponential rate. Some of them may be real, but the number of fake UFO sightings is pretty high. One more was added to the list of fake UFO sightings. It was after amateur astronomer Luis Verdiales claimed to have spotted a moving UFO while he was stargazing during the recent penumbral lunar eclipse.

Penumbral lunar eclipse is an extremely rare event, during which the Sun, the Moon and the Earth line up straight behind each other. With this, a faint shadow is cast over the top surface of the Moon. The event is so rare that people across the world eagerly wait to witness this celestial scenic phenomenon. Puerto Rican stargazer, Luis Verdiales, was one of them. He was watching the Moon with his 125 mm telescope when he observed that a small black dot is slowly passing across.

After he noticed that the black dot was too slow to be a satellite, he went on to conclude that it must be a UFO. He took four photographs of the mysterious object and showed these to the Sociedad de Astronomía del Caribe (SAC), which is one of the largest astronomy societies in the Caribbean. Further analysis of the photographs and cross checking them with flight maps were done. However, it was found that the black moving spot was nothing but one of the Google's Project Loon balloons, The Marshal Town reported.

These balloons were sent into the sky to find out if they help in disconnecting specific areas from accessing Internet. It was found that the balloon number HBAL176 was traveling 61,400 feet above Earth near San Thomas. Furthermore, it was also confirmed that the same evening when Verdiales captured the photo, the balloon was crossing over his back garden, The Sun reported.

The present incident is another proof that things are always not what people may want them to be. There are many fake UFO sightings just like this one, which seldom get cleared out. The rest of them is misleading people about the whole concept of the existence and nature of aliens.

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