'Love In The Space': Cosmic Love Photos For Valentine's Day

First Posted: Feb 13, 2017 03:30 AM EST

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and most people in love could feel it in the air. On the other hand, for those passionately in love, it could go further in space.

Get a glimpse of cosmic love photos that could surely feel fondness and love in space with these stunning and mysterious space objects. It is a treat for this coming "Hearts Day." shared the following cosmic photos that could captivate people's hearts:

Heart Nebula is also known as IC 1805 and has an intense red color and is shaped as a "heart." It is a heart-shaped cloud of cosmic gas and lies about 7,500 lightyears away from the planet Earth. It is situated in the Perseus Arm of the Galaxy in the constellation Cassiopeia. The first part of the nebula to be discovered is the NGC 896, which is the brightest part of the nebula.

Your love could be bigger as that of the "Pluto's Heart," which is a region unofficially known as Sputnik Planum. This image of Pluto was taken by NASA's New Horizons space probe. It features the smooth "heart" of the planet Pluto.

What is more romantic is receiving flowers and ring during Hearts Day. This could be visible in the presence of Ring Nebula that features a flower-shaped cloud of cosmic dust and gas. These are the leftover from the dead, exploded stars. It is about 2,000 lightyears from Earth, located in the constellation Lyra.

Most women love roses. With Sh2-174, which is an odd planetary nebula that is shaped like a rose, certainly, you will receive a rare and mystic cosmic rose floating in space.

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