If Aliens Call, Then Who Will Be The First To Say ‘Hello’?

First Posted: Feb 11, 2017 03:20 AM EST

Alien existence and whether they will be a threat to human existence are some of the few questions that keep on lingering in the minds of peers and common people alike. Astronomers and scientists across the world have been and will be searching for clues to alien existence, till they either find one or they confirm that aliens are nothing but a worldwide hoax. Whatever the outcome may be, people should be ready to face it.

Though most of the alien existence theories are sci-fi and based on movies, it does not deter the importance of the real research efforts put in by experts. One such effort was to solve the puzzle of alien existence by the application of mathematical principles. In 1961, the "Drake equation" was proposed as a template, which someday may help people reveal secrets about aliens. Unfortunately, that someday has not arrived yet, Futurism reported.

The equation is based on seven variables, which represent the various cosmological factors related to the formation of stars. Though research is still going on as of the present, there is no firm evidence to isolate the variables and calculate the probability of alien existence. However, scientists are extremely optimistic that soon scientists will be able to solve the equation and find out the reality about alien existence.

In the event that it does happen, then the next question is "Are we prepared for it?"

Most experts opine that we most certainly are not. Almost 70 percent of the population has the idea of aliens as a strange creature coming from outer space, ready to take on our planet and kill all of us. Therefore, people often refer to an effort to contact with aliens as a probable alien invasion, Phys.org reported.

The second most important question related to alien existence is "Who should you believe?"

Countless hypotheses are proposed every passing day about alien existence. Some are logical and based on scientific facts, while others are completely irrational and based on fictional stories. What you should know is, if we really become successful in finding the truth about alien existence, then the most reliable information should be released either by NASA, ESA and other space agencies, which will receive final confirmation from the secretary general of the UN.

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