Are Aliens Friends With Benefits Or Destroyers Of Worlds? Scientists Are In Dilemma

First Posted: Feb 10, 2017 03:00 AM EST

A couple of the most fundamental questions that space explorers face are as follows: Are aliens real? Are they friendly or will they destroy humanity? As of now, there is no definite answer. Researchers say that the chances of existence of alien life forms on other planets is high and they are even thinking of sweeping an electromagnetic beacon to send signals to these aliens to let them know about our existence.

In the meantime, many other scientists argue that it would be better if Earth is kept to ourselves. In that way, we do not risk the chance of being taken over by some alien species from a distant planet.

Lucianne Walkowicz, astrophysicist of Adler Planetarium, Chicago, said, "There's a possibility that if we actively message, with the intention of getting the attention of an intelligent civilization, that the civilization we contact would not necessarily have our best interests in mind."

Walkowicz did mention, however, that by not doing so, the question "Are aliens friends with benefits?" will remain unanswered.

NBC News reported that Breakthrough Initiatives, a philanthropic organization funded by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, is about to launch "Breakthrough Message program" to find the answers to these questions.

The program will solicit ideas from scientists across the world on whether we should compose and send message to the alien species inhabiting on distant planets. Furthermore, scientists will also dry run the idea and technology required for sending an electromagnetic beacon into space, in search for alien life forms.

The program will most likely start in the beginning of next year, informed Pete Worden, Director of Breakthrough Initiatives. Worden also insisted that it will not be all about what and when we are sending into space. The program will focus on questions like "What's the context? What best represents the people on Earth?" He added. "This is an exercise for humanity, not necessarily just about what we would send."

Yuri Milner and his interstellar research organization have been actively engaged in many space research and exploration programs. Science Alert reported that Milner is also planning to soon develop the technology, which enables people to travel the 4.37 lightyears of distance to the Proxima Centauri b planet and explore it. Though most of Milner's plans are not in agreement with NASA, maybe they will help find answers to the most controversial questions relating to the existence and nature of aliens.

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