How Will Jupiter Retrograde 2017 Affect People’s Lives?

First Posted: Feb 07, 2017 03:20 AM EST

The Jupiter retrograde 2017 started on Feb. 6 and will end on the Feb. 9. The astrological changes it will imply on people's lives are a matter of interest as well as controversy. To understand that first, people should know what retrograde exactly means.

Jupiter retrograde does not mean that the planet is moving in the opposite direction. What it really is that the relative positions create the illusion that the planet is moving backwards, which is referred to as a retrograde phase. It is a usual and recurring phenomenon and is associated to most planets.

Astrology believes that the specific movement of the planet causes repression of the characteristic features of the planet and of the astrological sign the retrograding planet is in. However, the Jupiter retrograde draws so much attention because Jupiter is a large planet, which is far away from Earth when compared to Mercury. Thus, it takes a longer duration of time for Jupiter to come out of the retrograde phase, and so does its astrological outcomes, Bustle reported.

Jupiter is believed to be the good will planet. Astrologists say, it brings good luck, especially for Sagittarians, as Jupiter is their ruling planet. However, during the retrograde phase, Jupiter remains in the sign of Libra, and it is the zodiac sign that represents relationships and the balance of life. It is believed that the Jupiter retrograde 2017 will mostly influence the love life of many, good for some and not so good for others. It all depends on the positioning of planets of individual horoscopes and the zodiac sign.

On the contrary, some other astrological experts believe that, for most people, the past few months have been eventful and life changing, as most of the planets are in forward motion. For them, the retrograde may be a welcome respite, which will provide a breathing space, Cafe Astrology noted.

Having said all this, astrologers insist that the Jupiter retrograde 2017 increases the possibility of the occurrence of these sorts of things. It is not certain that the outcomes are certain and "set in stone."

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