NASA Turned Super Bowl Live Houston Into A Space Flight Center

First Posted: Feb 06, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Houston is often called the "space city," which is understandable given the fact that the major space exploration programs are controlled from NASA's Johnson Space Center present in Houston. When Super Bowl Live came to Houston, NASA did not let the chance slip from its hands.

NASA put up an excellent exhibit of its recent adventures called the "Future Flight" exhibit. It also hosted a Six Flags AstroWorld-reminiscent tower drop ride, complemented with Virtual Reality Simulation Technology, which together took the game fans into a journey of the space.

NASA is the world's leading organization in space exploration programs. It has become increasingly popular among the common people across the globe, not just because of the achievements but also because of the way it handles its own public relations. NASA is one of the most searched items on Google and has become increasingly popular in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

In its latest move, NASA took on the Super Bowl Live Houston and arranged a "Mars ride," a virtual space flight experience, for all Super Bowl fans. The volunteers were strapped to chairs wearing virtual reality goggles and were then lifted up and down on a six-story tower. While they were physically experiencing the thrill of a vertical escalation and drop, their virtual reality sets showed them the International Space Station and the planet Mars, reported.

Tony Castilleja, Boeing Space Exploration Specialist, said, "You see all the elements. You launch from earth. You see the international space station, which is currently orbiting around the earth as we talk, you see the space launch system, which is the rocket that will get you to Mars. You see all the pieces coming together."

Experts are speculating that given the uncertainty over the future Mars mission due to the remarks made by President Donald Trump about cutting down the funding, NASA has taken the opportunity to showcase its plans to the public and quite possible win their support, Houston Press reported.

Whatever, the reason may be, it was sure a thrilling experience, which many people will remember forever. It provided a sneak peek into how astronauts feel while traveling into space, even though for just a few minutes.

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