Cosmological Constant: The Key To Generation Of Dark Energy And Expansion Of The Universe

First Posted: Jan 20, 2017 03:00 AM EST

The mysterious dark energy has baffled scientists for years. Cosmologists have been trying to comprehend the interrelationships between dark energy and expansion of the universe. The results obtained yet challenge the basic physical principle of conservation of energy, which states that "the total amount of energy in the universe remains conserved."

Researchers across the world are in search for the reason behind the acceleration of expansion of the universe. The possible and most logical explanation provided by experts indicates that the cosmological constant may represent the energy that is sucked out of the cosmos as the universe expands, reported,

The cosmological constant was first used by Albert Einstein in the equations that he used to solve the problems of general relativity principles. The constant is described as a mathematical term that denotes the anti-gravitational force, which helps in counteracting the mutual attraction of the universe, so that the universe does not collapse under the force of its own gravity.

However, Einstein gave up the idea of using the constant after astronomers found out that the universe is not static and is in fact expanding. Only after did the scientists find out that the universe is in fact accelerating that they started suggesting this acceleration may be explained by the application of the cosmological constant, according to Science.

The constant can explain the various aspects of dark energy and the energy that is said to be generated by the virtual particles, which are dictated by the principles of quantum mechanics. The facts contradict each other, since quantum mechanics suggests that the cosmic vacuum is in constant state of fluctuation and general relativity suggests that the energy produced during this should serve as the cosmological constant. However, calculations suggest that the value of the cosmological constant should be 120 orders in magnitude of what is being perceived till yet for the universe to collapse.

Though this explains the need for the consideration of cosmological constant, it questions the calculations that were made earlier by nullifying the yet unknown cosmic effects and dark energy production.

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