Google Calendar: One Stop Solution To Track And Accomplish Fitness Goals Amid Busy Work Schedule

First Posted: Jan 10, 2017 05:09 AM EST

The new and improved Google Calendar allows people to effectively manage their fitness goals. The "Goals" feature embedded in it can allow people to set fitness goals and monitor the daily progress by connecting it to personal Google Fit and Apple Health devices.

Google made an announcement last Thursday, which read: "When you do, activity in your favorite fitness apps will be recorded and used to mark your goals in Google Calendar as 'done' automatically," CNet reported.

The new feature was added last year by Google, which was aimed towards helping people manage their time and accomplish tasks like working out, spending time with family or working on skill development.

The Google Calendar employs machine learning algorithms to find out the best time window for doing specified tasks, depending on personal schedule and preferences and then notes it down in the calendar.

When the person competes a specified task such as a scheduled run, it is logged on to the connected health gadgets viz. Google Fit and Apple Health, and then the information is fed into the Google Calendar and it is checked off.

Most importantly, it can automatically reschedule the already set goals if a time conflict arises or if the person is always late for a said task.

For instance, if a person sets 6 a.m. for a morning workout but is unable to stick to the routine in most of the days, the Calendar can recognize the pattern and reschedule the goal automatically.

Establishing a connection is simple and easy. Whenever a new fitness goal is set in the Google Calendar, it will show the option for connecting it with Google Fit or Apple Health. For already set goals, connect option can be done by opening the said task and clicking on the Edit icon. The connect option is at the bottom of the task page, Forbes reported.

According to common people who use it as well as tech and health experts, the newly added feature helps in synchronizing and maintaining a balance between work, family and body fitness.

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