Bird Flu Virus Has Been Confirmed To Again Infect Humans; Source Of The Virus Is Currently Under Investigation

First Posted: Jan 03, 2017 03:10 AM EST

A bird flu case has been detected once again. It has been reported that a new case in Hong Kong and Shanghai has been found that a human got infected by the H7N9 strain of avian influenza.

The Xinhua that is a state-owned agency reported that it has been confirmed in Hong Kong that an elderly man was the second to be infected with the bird flu virus. Shanghai's health authority said that the man is currently being treated in the hospital.

Earlier in December, the 70-year-old man traveled to the neighboring cities of China such as Zhongshan and Shenzen. He was then tested and found positive for the H7N9 strain of the virus, the government of Hong Kong said in a statement, according to The Telegraph.

It has been said that the man came in contact with mobile stalls that sell live poultry in Zhongshan. However, the authorities that are investigating the case said it is still under investigation on where exactly the source of the infection came from.

The report said that the patient has been hospitalized and in a stable condition. The people who have been in contact with him will be put under medical surveillance. But no reports have appeared that any of them has been found with any symptoms.

The statement of the government added that the bird flu cases were "expected to increase in winter based on its seasonal pattern."

The Terra Daily reported that an elderly man who purchased a chicken from a market in the Guangdong province, which is a neighboring province, was also infected. He passed away on Sunday, in less than a week after he was tested positive for H7N9. Thus, Hong Kong is on high alert on the spread of the virus.

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