Lander-Based Group Provides Water To Wildlife In Arid Wyoming

First Posted: Dec 27, 2016 05:57 AM EST

A Lander-based group, Water for Wildlife Foundation, works to provide water through installing five guzzlers for the state's thirsty wildlife.

The group has been raising money to install guzzlers or water tanks around the state's dry and arid landscape. Within just days of being installed, images show that animals of all sorts visited the tanks for water relief. In fact, the animals just keep coming.

"We've gone through periods of severe drought, which affect all of us, from ranchers to wildlife and you and I," Erica Flom, executive director of the Water for Wildlife Foundation, said as reported by Star Tribune.

"With that, we've realized it's more than just antelope that need these, it's all species. Water for Wildlife restructured itself to encompass all species of birds and waterfowl, large game, small game, everything from A to Z," she added.

Rex Lockman, a wildlife range specialist for the Laramie Country Conservation District, said he has seen the guzzlers work. Aside from elk and bighorn sheep, other animals flock to the water tanks such as sharp-tailed grouse, pheasants and other game birds. He added that in Laramie County alone, there are about 100 guzzlers.

"In areas we have installed guzzlers, there's definitely an increase in birds using them," Lockman said. "I definitely think it's a beneficial thing to install," he added.

The Water for Wildlife Foundation

The Water for Wildlife Foundation is a conservation organization established to benefit the country's wildlife. The main purpose of the foundation is to provide supplemental water resources in areas where both the habitat and wildlife are being impaired by the lack of water, which is essential to life.

As of the moment, it has invested in over 450 water projects over 12 western states. The foundation started in the early 1970s that helps wildlife to have access to water especially during times of drought.  

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