NSYNC Member Lance Bass Will Soon Be A Real Space Cowboy; Dream Of Going To Space Is Still Open

First Posted: Dec 23, 2016 02:01 AM EST

NSYNC fans would know that Lance Bass has been dreaming of traveling to outer space. Thus, he never let go of this dream.

The former NSYNC member, Lance Bass, joined the 2002 Russian mission to the International Space Station (ISS). He was also a certified member of both NASA and the Russian Space Program. He underwent several cosmonaut training. However, when he was at the age of 23, it fell through as he was unable to raise enough funds. He would have been the youngest to travel to space, according to Age Times.

Since then, Lance Bass has continued his space program advocacy and kept in touch with private companies and government space agencies. He is still aiming to make space tourism a reality.

Lance Bass told Business Insider that, "There's no specific date, but there are plans for me to go. But yeah, things keep getting delayed and delayed, but eventually in the next five to 10 years I would say that once we're really flying to space a lot more that I'll be able to take that mission."

Meanwhile, his last training does not mean a total loss for him. His experiments that he has been working on, made it aboard the 2002 mission.

Lance Bass added that, "All my experiments that I was going to do with Russia got there before I did. I was doing environmental studies and I was doing some blood work studies up on the ISS. I won't be able to continue those studies when I do go. But hopefully, hen I will go in the future, I'll have something else fun to do up there."

Thus, aside from his career in music, he ventures out in television and movies. He hosts the Logo TV's gay dating show titled Finding Prince Charming and also produces projects like On The Line.

But, space travel has been his goal and he will never quit on this dream. "When I was a kid, my first launch my grandfather took me to when I was probably eight years old and I was just addicted since then. I went to space camp. I loved everything about it. I wanted to go to school for space engineering, so I could become an astronaut. And then, my life detoured into music for a little bit."

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