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UFO Sightings Daily Discovered Signs Of Intelligent Life On Mars, Courtesy Of NASA Curiosity Rover

First Posted: Dec 22, 2016 03:37 AM EST
UFO Sightings Daily Discovered Signs Of Intelligent Life On Mars
Images captured by NASA Curiosity rover contains proof of existence of life on Mars, which is discovered after careful examination by the UFO Sightings Daily.
(Photo : Paranormal Crucible/YouTube screenshot)

The UFO Sightings Daily found remarkable evidence of previous existence of life on Mars in one of the images of the surface of the Red Planet captured by the NASA Curiosity rover. Alien hunters believe it to be a dust coated spoon, which was left after life perished from the surface of Mars.

This discovery affirms the conspiracy theory proposed by U.S. scientist Dr. John Brandenburg, according to which intelligent life existed on Mars, which was eventually wiped out by a nuclear war.

The spoon was sighted first by YouTube channel UFO Hunter in one of the images released by NASA for public viewing. Scott C. Waring, an alien chaser, concurs that the image is actually the proof of existence of life on Mars. He also wrote on UFO Sightings Daily that "This is a fantastic discovery of an eating utensil near the Mars Curiosity rover."

Scott Waring also mentioned that "The spoon is actually the second spoon to be found on Mars, and this one is an exact duplicate of the earlier discovery...there is almost no difference in the spoons found. They perfectly match!"

Scott Waring pointed out that the same image in question shows another utensil, which probably looks like a knife with a triangular end at one side, Express reported.

The supposed spoon-like utensil shown in the photo is the latest addition to the list of previously identified earthly objects including shoes, gun, animal remains and even ancient ruins. All these objects have already been spotted by alien hunters in official NASA images. A video detailing these was posted on YouTube.

Meanwhile, NASA has outrightly rejected the statement of UFO Sightings Daily and said that these are nothing more than optical illusions spiked with curiosity and wishful thinking. All the things that are suspected as earthly objects are a result of pareidolia, which tricks the brain to see what people wish to see in a picture. NASA also added that the claims of existence of life on Mars are baseless and the NASA Curiosity rover has not found any proof of life on Mars till now.

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