GSK Is Successful For Its Two-Drug Approach In Aiding HIV, Enables To Control The Virus That Causes AIDS

First Posted: Dec 22, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Finding the cure for HIV has been a challenge to many scientists ever since the disease was discovered. Recently, GSK found a two-drug treatment to control the virus.

The Reuters reported that GlaxoSmithKline or GSK is already known in the drug industry. Currently, it has just received good news. A new "two-drug" treatment regimen can control the virus that causes AIDS.

The new approach may be a take off from the usual three-drug cocktail that can cause unwanted side effects especially among the older patients, who begin to grow in a proportion of those treated for the disease.

The antiretroviral therapy has at least delayed the deadly effect of HIV into a manageable condition. However, patients must need the therapy for life. The experts now formulated a medication that would be more or less comfortable or well-tolerated as possible, according to Business Insider.

GSK has developed the recent two-drug cocktail. It is though majority-owned by ViiV Healthcare that is also shared by Shionogi and Pfizer as the two hold stakes.

The results of the two Phase III research were announced last Monday. It was revealed that the combination of Johnson's rilpivirine and GSK's dolutegravir worked like the three to four drug treatment procedure.

The chief executive of ViiV, Dominique Limet, said that the results of the study were "an important milestone in our understanding of how HIV can be treated," especially that they represent the first late-stage evidence of the two-drug access.

The details of the findings will be released by ViiV. It will present this at the medical meeting next year and will arrange regulatory approval for the new treatment approach in 2017.

As follows, the company awaits the important clinical results. It will cover around 20 to 30 experimental medicines before 2018 ends. Also, GSK announced last Monday that it will strengthen its scientific expertise by establishing a new science committee. It will be in charge of overseeing the research, according to Economic Times.

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