Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs, Features & Updates: S8’s Front Camera To Feature Auto Focus!

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 05:40 AM EST

After the recent mortification faced by Samsung regarding its flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone maker is planning to make changes in its line of mobile devices. The most prominent among these changes will be seen in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 specs and features. The company is finally planning to add in auto focus to the front-facing selfie camera of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8's Auto Focus Front Facing Camera Uses An Encoder Module-

Previous phones developed by the company had all been featured with a fixed focus for the devices. But, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will be revamped with an auto focus module. This feature will be operated using a new type of encoder that uses focusing mechanism unlike the usual voice coil motor found in other devices.

This type of module provides the focusing actuator on the side of the lens rather than the middle. This leads to a lower depth in the camera module. We have seen voice coil motors in primary cameras of the devices where the depth was not that much of a concern. This is why you can see various primary camera lenses having a bump. But, for a selfie camera, a bump would not be a good design feature which is why Samsung plans on using an encoder type mechanism for focusing.

No Updates On Front Camera Resolution In Samsung Galaxy S8-

There are still more details to be found out on the resolution part for the front-facing camera of the device. We look forward to more Samsung Galaxy S8 specs and features updates from the company which we will keep you posted with. What all is planned in the upcoming Samsung flagship device is yet to be confirmed. But, whatever it will be, it better be good as the brand image of the South Korean giant is already at stake. Risking another blow could harm its reputation for a long time. 

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