Ancient Tablet Has The Name Of Jesus Has Been Proven Legit; Names Of Other Apostles Have Been Revealed

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 03:50 AM EST

The bound manuscripts or ancient tablets are known as "codices" are previously discovered by a Jordanian Bedouin. The discovery was announced in 2011. However, some reports show that evangelical Christians are saying that they are fake. Now, after a careful series of tests, the codices were proven to exist around 2,000 years ago.

The metal pages were held together with a ring binder and were found in Jordan around 2008 by a Jordanian Bedouin and made reference to Jesus and His disciples. The experts analyzed and translated the words and symbols. The experts claimed that the dates are within the time when Jesus shares His ministries.

The revelation of what was written inside could not only be enlightening for Christians but also for Muslims and Jews. The tablet suggested that Jesus was not starting his own religion, but He is restoring the thousand-year-old tradition coming from King David. Also, the God that He worships is both male and female, according to the Mail Online.

Now, to prove if the tablet is legit, the series of tests was conducted by Professor Roger Webb and Professor Chris Jeynes at the University of Surrey's Nodus Laboratory from the Ion Beam Center. They confirmed that the tablet is compatible with a comparative sample of ancient Roman lead coming from the excavation site in Dorset.

In a press statement, the experts mentioned that the tablet they tested "does not show the radioactivity arising from polonium that is typically seen in modern lead samples, indicating that the lead of the codex was smelted over one hundred years ago."

Furthermore, the crystallization analysis points out that the tablet is between the years 1800-2000 years old. The experts shared that "this provides very strong evidence that the objects are of great age, consistent with the studies of the text and designs that suggest an age of around 2000 years."

In addition, although Jesus is referred to outside of the Gospels, such as by the Roman writer Tacitus, the tablet would be the earliest and only Hebrew-Christian documents in existence. Metallurgical and linguistic analysis claimed they are.

As follows, in a report by the Mirror, the scholars also conducted an analysis of the script and confirmed that the language of the codices is Paleo-Hebrew. It is covered with eight pointed stars, which are the symbol of the coming of the Messiah. Also, they mention the name of Jesus. The codices mentioned as well the names of the apostles Peter, John and James.

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