'Pokemon Go' December Update Release Date, Latest News: Trading System, New Gen 2, Legenedary Pokemon & More [VIDEO]

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 04:50 AM EST

The game developer, Niantic has announced a large update for the popular game "Pokemon Go" in December 2016. The update is rumored to include pokemon trading system and new Gen 2, legendary monsters from the pokemon world.

The revolutionary game "Pokemon Go" was launched this year to the public on different mobile platforms. It got a huge response and fan following after its release. The game included aspects of virtual reality where users could capture pokemons in their real surroundings. Since its launch, the popularity of the game has gone down considerably.

'Pokemon Go' December Update Release Date, Latest News-

However, you should not give up on "Pokemon Go" just yet. It is gearing to make a comeback this month. It has been reported that there is a new update in the pipeline planned for this game. Experts are speculating that "Pokemon Go" might introduce the much awaited trading system in the game. The "Pokemon Go" December update is also expected to add new Gen 2, legendary monsters to make the gameplay more challenging and interesting.

As announced by John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, the update will be in form of a large patch. This has led to presumptions that the size is because of the new monsters added in the game. Mew, Mewtwo and other monsters are expected to be a part of the new lineup.

It has also been speculated that "Pokemon Go" will include a player versus player battle mode, similar to the Pokemon world. The players may also get a chance to raise their pokemons with proper management. The rumors are going wild in the tech world with players getting enthusiastic. However, Niantic still has not made an official announcement about the contents of the rumored "Pokemon Go" December update.

"Pokemon Go" has been downloaded more than 500 million times on systems across the world. It has been hailed to be the most profitable app of 2016.

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