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Bizarre Series Of UFO Sighting: The Most Unconvincing One Spotted In Leitrim

First Posted: Dec 01, 2016 03:00 AM EST
UFO In Farmers Field
A UFO has been spotted in Leitrim.
(Photo : Paranormal Tv/YouTube)

Recently, a strange series of UFO sightings across the globe has stirred online alarm. Some of them may be substantial, for UFO enthusiasts, that is, while others were not as convincing.

For instance, UFO sightings have been reported in two different countries and they are unusually similar. The blinking spaceships have been spotted above both Mexico and Canada. Other strange spacecraft were seen over Turkey and the United States. Residents were able to capture the rare footage on their mobile phones.

In fact, hundreds of people claimed to have seen the spaceship over Turkey right after the "Phoenix" lights were seen in Mexico and Canada.

According to Mirror, a terrified man said the was followed by the UFO for about 12 miles down a motorway near Brandon, Canada. The video, which was uploaded online, bear the image of strange lights blinking and changing in shape while he uttered, "I am shaking right now."

Apparently, the same UFO was also seen over Patzcuaro in Mexico. The people claimed that the spaceship moved very slowly and remained there for a while before disappearing in the night sky.

However, some sightings were just too unconvincing, even for those who are not experts when it comes to extraterrestrial life. Some photos of the sighting in Leitrim were shown on a UFO website. They have shown a series of small, bright circular lights above a brighter light that is hidden from view.

Though the website said that this event happened in Leitrim, England, some said that it was actually in Ireland, Joe reports.

"Walking my dogs up a county road and suddenly witnessed bright lights in a local farmers field, it seemed odd as I've walked that path many times and never seen anything like this! I took a picture and as I captured it the lights disappeared and my phone crashed," an eyewitness said as reported by UFO Sightings Daily.

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