UFO Sightings Mystify Turks Just After Phoenix Lights Showed In Canada

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 02:43 AM EST

Hundreds of people claimed to have seen UFOs hovering over Turkey just after the "Phoenix" lights were seen in Canada and Mexico.

The phenomenon attracted hundreds of people, even going as far to trend #UFOAttackToTurkey on social media, with stargazers posting strange videos as proof of the event. According to The Daily Star, four or five lights were seen clustered over the country. UFO Hunters Secure Team 10 even posted a video of the event on its YouTube channel, which was watched over 45,000 times in 24 hours.

According to the group, the fleet of unknown lights caused mass panic for many people across the country, and the Twittersphere was even left equally perplexed by the images, so much so that it topped the trending worldwide topic at a certain point on Nov. 27. The number of posts even led people to feel compelled to believe the said UFO invasion. A commenter noted, "What is this? Is it really UFO? I am so afraid. I hope this is a joke."

One user even uploaded a video and captioned it: "The object you're seeing is in the skies of Esenler (Istanbul). I'm recording it right now. Many people like me have crowded here. We've informed the authorities and they've told us they're dealing with the situation."

He went on, "It is a yellow object. We suspect it's a UFO. It gives off a light and is in motion. Right now it's stationary actually but it moves position every few minutes. Very interesting."

No official confirmation had been stated regarding the drones, but it is widely believed that they are drones flying over the night sky. Still, the number of videos and photos that appeared freaked a lot of people out.

Similar strange lights were also seen in similar "UFO sightings" over Denver and Texas, and just before these lights were found in Turkey, similar ones were seen in Canadian and Mexican skies.

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