Mars Update: Alien Reptile Lurks On Red Planet?

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 03:00 AM EST

For a couple of years now, the Mars rover had been making its way around areas on the Red Planet. However, it seems that it was not necessary for it to be on the planet to discover extraterrestrial species.

IB Times noted that a number of theorists apparently put forward some evidence of life on the Red Planet in the form of photographs. Their latest capture revealed an alien reptile on the surface, spotted in images of Mars that have been capture by NASA.

Yes, an alien reptile. A conspiracy theorist stated that this creature was spotted on the Martian surface and was described to have a shell and a pair of horns. Its head, neck and eyes are said to be similar to those of our own reptiles here on Earth. The theorist, Joe White, shared, "It seems to have a beak to the left and tiny horns on top. The eye, head and neck look reptilian, but at this size it is hard to tell."

He added that there also seemed to be a shell and even limbs, going even further to suggest that it could possibly have frozen and was preserved when Mar's atmosphere was destroyed. White did, however, acknowledged that it is possible that the "reptile" was only a rock. But with his other "findings" in the region, which included buildings, statues and even animal skulls, anything is possible.

Other theorists also claimed evidence of existing "ancient walled cities." Mail Online noted that they even presented a video "evidence" on YouTube, showing a series of aerial photos of the Elysium Planitia -- a plane near the Martian equator that looked like they had eroded domes surrounded by circular rings that garnered mixed reactions: others believed it to be remnants of an ancient Martian civilization, while others believe that it is just another natural geological process.

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