PlayStation Plus December 2016 Free Games: Leak Reveals 'Invisible Inc' & 'Stories: The Path Of Destinies'

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 04:20 AM EST

Popular online website, Reddit has revealed the Sony's PlayStation Plus December 2016 free games list. The news section of the Reddit community stated that "Invisible Inc" and "Stories: The Path of Destinies" will be made available on PS4.

Reddit had been abuzz with rumours about Sony PlayStation Plus December 2016 free games lineup. With the leak, the conjectures have been deemed to be authentic. Sony still has not officially confirmed the PlayStation Plus December 2016 free games list. However, the image revealed a leak from the French PlayStation Plus store which substantiated the rumours. It appears that these two games will be a part of December line-up.

"Invisible Inc" is a game where one can become Invisible's active deployed agents and infiltrate coglomerates around the world. The players should have stealth, accurancy, and good teamwork in order to survive the day. "Stories: The Path of Destinies" is a narrative based game. It includes both actioned packed sequences as well as a detailed plot-line. The game is unique because of its humorous undertones and storyline. 

Apart from these two games, there is no other information available about PlayStation Plus December 2016 free games lineup. Sony is yet to make an official announcement. The complete lineup is expected to get announced in the first week of December. Other competition including Microsoft have already revealed their games for December 2016. 

The leak was a result of an error in the PlayStation Plus tab on the PS4 Store. The games for PS3 and PS Vita are yet to be known or leaked. A reddit user, popularly termed as a "Redditor", posted the image which revealed this leak. Reportedly, there is still some confusion about the image's authenticity. People are confused whether the lineup is for November or December. However, since the games did not show up for November, the image was either revealed in a random error, or the rumours might just be true.

The reveal has garnered mixed reactions from all online communities. Some users believe that it is an edited image. However, most people believe that the image does not look doctored or photoshopped at all.   

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