Anti-Drone Gun: Latest Anti-Drone Gun Can Take Down Drones From Over A Mile!

First Posted: Nov 30, 2016 04:10 AM EST

DroneShield's latest bad boy, Anti-Drone gun is capable of jamming the signals of a drone which is 1.2 miles away. Drones have been on the tech and defense radar for quite some time now. Like any other technology, they can be used to carry out positive as well as negative work. They have been responsible for carrying out rescue missions, surgical strikes and other important projects. However, they have also been used to destroy armies and kill civilians.

There have been numerous anti-drone systems that have been invented recently to counter dangerous drones. However, their biggest disadvantage is that these technologies cannot be operated from too far away. One needs to be relatively close to the drone to disable it. This is risky in itself as the drone could be carrying instant explosives. In such a case, disabling a drone from a nearby location is not effective at all.

However, Anti-Drone Gun solves this issue of distance quite effectively. It can jam the drone signals and GPS from over a mile. The gun does not destroy the drone, it merely disables its offensive trait. It can either force the drone to land nearby in a harmless manner or make it return to its origin point. The technology is currently being tested in remote locations for judging its effectiveness.

The machine weighs 13 pounds and hence, can be carried by a single operator. It does not require high end training. Security staff can use this gun with ease. Notably, this anti-drone gun hasn't been approved and certified by necessary government authorities. This means that it cannot operate legally in United States currently. However, once it gets the green flag from authorities, it can be used for tightening security around airports and army bases.

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