'Mars' Space Expert Says 'We Really Could Live On Mars'

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 04:52 AM EST

A new series on National Geographic Channel takes viewers on an exciting Martian adventure.

CBS News reported that the show titled Mars, whose fourth episode premieres on Monday, Dec. 5, lets its audience experience what living on Mars could be like. Using both documentary and fictional treatments, the series collected interviews from space experts combined with a fictional account of a Martian mission in 2033.

The series is about the mishaps of a crew of six members on a Daedalus mission to the Red Planet. According to NASA's former astronaut, John Grunsfield, who is also one of the show's space experts, the series has never failed to make him feel it is real.

"It matches the documentary side with experts on space exploration, people who've been in space, [with] a great science fiction story that draws you in and makes you believe it can really be true, it can really happen," Grunsfield said. "It does that for me as a space guy," he added.

The series also talks about the possible challenges explorers would encounter when visiting and colonizing the Red Planet. In fact, Grunsfield added that the Earth and Mars have almost similar characteristics, making it indeed possible for humans to inhabit, given the sufficiency of items needed.

"[Mars] is a little smaller, but it has enough surface gravity you can kind of walk on the surface," he explained. "It has an atmosphere, but it's a thin atmosphere, so we're going to have to be in space suits."

"The series shows you we really could live on Mars in principle. It's not going to be a great lifel people in Fairbanks in winter might say the same thing," he added.

This is good news for those who have been dreaming to explore Mars. With that in mind, is it possible for humans to actually transfer to Mars when Earth finally gets wiped out according to Stephen Hawking? We might find out soon.

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