VLC Media Player 3.0 With 360 Degree Playback Support Gets Unveiled

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 04:00 AM EST

VLC is adding a new feather to its cap. The latest version 3.0 will now offer playback of 360 degree videos. VLC media player has been known for creating revolutions in the digital zone. Ever since its creation, it has gained popularity for being highly versatile.

It is capable of playing most of audio and video formats without any additional support. To keep up with technology, the VLC makers VideoLAN are incorporating a creative feature. They are adding 360 degree video playback support in their already extensive support list. While VLC is not the first video player to use the 360 degree playback, it is the first major app to incorporate it.

The preview of the latest version was released on November 26 to an impressed audience. VLC has collaborated with 360 degree camera manufacturer Giroptic to enable this technical upgrade. The player now supports 360 degree videos and photos, along with panoramic photos. The new functions also includes the spherical display mode. Needless to say, VLC is slowly making progress to execute seamless virtual reality (VR) playback.

The software will be open for everyone to download and use. This feature is an important identifier of the VLC brand. Currently, VLC Media Player 3.0 has only been rolled out for Windows (7 and above) and macOS (10.10 and above). VideoLAN also plans to launch the mobile versions for Android and iOS shortly. Version 3.0 is up for an expected public release on November 30. VideoLAN has created a buzz in the market with news of VR headsets support in playback.

Not just this, VLC also plans to incorporate 3D audio playback. The tech zone is eagerly awaiting the release of the latest flagship version. VLC gave Giroptic credits for all back-end support. The camera company had supplied them with codes and practical expertise. Giroptic was also quite enthusiastic about its contribution to version 3.0. 

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