2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah) Complete Review [VIDEO]: New Redesigned Electric Vehicle Features 114 MIles Range ! Interior Features, Specs, Price & Release Date Revealed!

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 05:10 AM EST

The German auto manufacturer has finally released details of its 2017 BMW i3 (94 ah) model. The improved Electric Vehicle has been redesigned to provide an enhanced range and performance. Launched in 2014, the BMW i3 has been upgraded and is all set to have a head-to-head competition with Tesla.

The new 2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah) will have a more powerful 33 kWh battery, which will give the Electric vehicle an increased 114 miles combined range. Here's everything we know about the upcoming model so far:

2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah): Complete Specs & Features

BMW had earlier announced that the 2017 i3 model will feature a better Lithium-ion battery, which will have a capacity of 33 kWh. While the dimensions of the battery pack remain the same as it was before, new tests indicate that even under varying weather conditions the redesigned BMW i3 is able to give an enhanced 114 miles range.

The 2017 BMW i3 (94 ah) is powered by a 170 hp AC synchronous electric motor, which provides an amazing 0 to 60 mph acceleration in just 7 seconds. With an EPA electricity consumption of 27 kWh/100miles, the upcoming i3 model is probably the most efficient and sporty electric vehicle in its class.

The redesigned BMW i3 also includes a Range Extender 94 Ah battery, and hence gets the name. The Range Extender provides an additional range to the EV by switching on the 2-cylinder (2.4 gallons) gasoline engines, once the battery is down to 6.5%. This aids in keeping the charge level of the battery constant by making use of a 25% larger fuel tank. The 2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah) also comes with a totally new Home Charger Connect charging station, which is specially designed for fast and comfortable charging of the EV.

2017 BMW i3 (94 ah): Looks & Interiors

The upcoming redesigned i3 is available in an exclusive Blue metallic exterior color. The Electric Vehiclealso comes in Capparis White, Fluid Black non-metallic colors as well as three other metallic paintwork colors including Mineral Grey, Platinum Silver, and Ionic Silver. The interior of the 2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah) is quite amazing as well.

The cabin includes a pretty lightweight dark cloth fabric for the interior along with latest tech features including a Universal Garage Door Opener, Real Time Traffic Information, as well as a Comfort Access option. It's worth noticing that an electric moonroof option is also available for the first time in the entire US, which also features individual shades.

Other standard equipment for the 2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah) includes an Automatic climate control, Navigation Business System, BMW Assist, BMW Teleservices and Dynamic Cruise Control. The redesigned version also features LED Headlights, new HD Radio as well as DC Fast Charging. Other standard features like the BMW I RemoteApp, iDrive operation system, Driving Dynamic Control switch and Park Distance Control (PDC) are also included. The steering wheel also has a leather cover.

2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah): Release Date & Price

Although not much has been revealed about the redesigned BMW i3 price and release date, it's expected to arrive in dealerships early next year. The company was able to sell only 25,000 units of its earlier model, now with the latest advancements, the new BMW i3 might just give the company the sales records they were hoping for.

The upcoming BMW i3 is expected to hit the market at a starting price of $44,595. This is about $1,200 more than the 60-Ah model. Stay tuned to SWR for more updates and news on the redesigned 2017 BMW i3 (94 Ah).

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