AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera Review [VIDEO]: Tired Of Selfie Sticks? Try This 52 Grams Camera That Fits In Your Pocket! Complete Specs, Features & Price Revealed!

First Posted: Nov 29, 2016 05:00 AM EST

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you wanted to take a group selfie but couldn't as your selfie stick wasn't long enough? Well, the new AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera will keep that from ever happening again. The flying camera is just 52 grams in weight and is so small that it fits behind your smartphone case.

AirSelfie is raising a Kickstarter at present and is very near to complete its goal. If you're a drone fan or a selfie fanatic, the drone will surely impress you. Here's everything you should know about the AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera:

AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera: Why You Should Buy It?

Although there are a lot of drone cameras available in the market, none matches the portability of the AirSelfie. The tiny Drone camera weighs just 52 grams and easily fits in your palm. The Drone can easily be controlled using an Android or iOS Smartphone Apps. The Drone comes with a cover that can accommodate both your smartphone as well as the Tiny drone.

The AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera has a hovering time of 3 minutes, which is more than enough for taking selfies. The drone can hover around a 20 meters radius. For taking a picture, the user has to make the drone hover and place it at a perfect angle using the app's controls. There are three modes already featured in the app for taking memorable pictures. The modes include Selfie Delay Timer Mode, Classic flying mode, and a Selfie mode.

AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera: Specs And Features

The tiny drone comes with a cover that also acts as a power bank for AirSelfie's 260 mAh 7.4 built in battery. The battery gets fully charged in just 30 minutes. The drone accommodates a 5 MP camera that can take HD pictures and videos.AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera also features a number of sensors that help it perfectly hover at a particular place. The sensors include a Gyro meter, a Barometer, as well as a Geomagnetic Sensor. A 2.4G WiFi makes the drone controlled by the Smartphone's apps.

To aid the drone's flying stability, an Altitude Sonar and a stability camera have been attached at its bottom. The motors used in the tiny drone are brushless, making it easier to catch while hovering around. The AirSelfie also comprises a USB port and a built-in 4GB micro SD Card which makes the transfer of files extremely easy.

AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera: Release Date And Price

AirSelfie is currently on a Kickstarter and has already raised over $11,000 of it's $48,000 Kickstarter goal. Although no official announcement has yet been made, pre-ordering the tiny drone the company can be an aid to start the production.

The company has offered the drone for $190 for the starting 1000 users who've pre-ordered it. The Flying camera is expected to be available for $287 when it hits the market. If you also wish to buy the Airselfie at a cheaper price, you should hurry as only a few spots are left. Stay tuned to SWR for more recent updates on AirSelfie Flying Drone Camera.

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