Microsoft Band 3 Release Date Cancelled: What Next ? A New Revamped Version Or No More Microsoft Band?

First Posted: Nov 04, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Microsoft has reportedly cancelled the much awaited version of it's wearable device Microsoft Band 3. Microsoft Band users were expecting an updated version, so the news has surprised most users.

Microsoft had faced several issues with its earlier band devices and that seems to be the reason for Microsoft Band 3 release date being canceled. Earlier some images of Microsoft band 3 had surfaced on internet. It was believed that Microsoft's band 3 will release with new design models and will be equipped with new features such as tracking blood pressure. It was also supposed to be a waterproof device.

If sources are to be believed then Microsoft band 3 was supposed to come with a swim tile feature which would have enabled users to track their swimming sessions along with blood pressure. Now, since the company has stopped giving any information about band 3, many people are speculating that Microsoft is no longer interested in this project and has decided to drop it.

Rumors suggest that Microsoft is focusing on health and fitness gadgets and has invested a huge amount in various research related activities. Talking about Microsoft band 2 wearable device, company has already removed the product from its gadgets list in Canada, US, UK and Australia market, reported RealMadridNews.

It is further expected that the product will be removed from Microsoft physical stores and also from its development kit. Interestingly, all Microsoft band 2 have been sold and Microsoft is not planning to manufacture it again. People are still not sure why Microsoft is not releasing Band 3, some reports do confirm that band 3 has same problem as band 2, hence, Microsoft does not want to release it, reported Neurogadget.

Some even believe that Microsoft is re-inventing Band 3 so that its error free this time. Lets wait and see if Microsoft Band 3 gets a release date ever. Are you awaiting the New Microsoft Band 3 release date? Continue the conversation in the comment section.

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