Italy Hit By Another Two Powerful Earthquakes

First Posted: Oct 27, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Two strong earthquakes rocked central Italy on Wednesday, but no reports of deaths or casualties. On the other hand, this triggered fear and panic among the residents because of a deadly quake they experienced last August.

The first earthquake magnitude is 5.4 that occurred at 7.10 pm local time and the second quake measure 6.0. The quakes shook the buildings that had already been affected by the earlier quake and some of them collapsed. It also knocked the power off but there are no reports of casualties, according to Daily Mail.

Mayor Marco Rinaldi from the town of Ussita said that it was a very powerful earthquake, apocalyptic. He further said that the people are screaming on the street and have no lights. Several houses collapsed and the town is finished, according to Mayor Rinaldi. He added that the second earthquake was a long, terrible one.

BBC reports that a person was injured in Visso area. The town of Camerino is heavily damaged too. A resident said that everyone is leaving Camerino by foot or car to seek safety. There are two churches that are ruined, several houses collapsed and historic buildings were damaged. It is also reported that a landslide occurred on the main road north of Rome.

Italian officials said that the quakes were connected to the August earthquake, wherein many casualties were reported and almost 270 people were killed. AFP news agency Mario Tozzi of Italian's Institute of Geophysics said that aftershocks can last for a long time, sometimes for months. It is recommended that people must be prepared and aware of the possible aftershocks in time.


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