Secret Nazi Military Base Unearthed In The Arctic

First Posted: Oct 24, 2016 04:31 AM EDT

Russian scientists discovered a secret military base in the Arctic. It is situated on the island of Alexandra Land 1,000 km from the North Pole 0150 and was built in 1942. This is the time Adolf Hitler attacked Russia.

The secret military base has a code named "Schatzgraber" or "Treasure Hunter." It was used as a tactical weather station. Independent reports that the base was deserted when the scientist staying in the Nazi military base were poisoned by polar beat meat in 1944. They had to be rescued by a German U-boat.

The secret Nazi military base was rediscovered 72 years later. There were 500 objects found in the said military base. This includes a batch of well-preserved documents.

Evgeny Ermolov, a senior researcher at the National Park said that before it was only known from written sources, but now they also have a real proof. The artifacts found on the island are things that bear the Nazi insignia and swastikas. They are to be taken back to the mainland wherein they would be archived, examined and put on public display, according to IFL Science.

Yulis Petrova, the press secretary of National Park said that about 500 items of historical value have been collected on the grounds of the former Treasure Hunter German station that operated on the Alexandra Land island of Franz Josef Land from September 1943 until July 1944. She further said that they involve munitions and military equipment, everyday items, personal effects and fragments of meteorological devices.

Other things found on the site include ruins of bunkers, rusted bullets and other relics from the Second World War. There were still in good condition and might have been preserved by the cold weather.

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