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NASA Briefly Loses Contact with Space Station

NASA Briefly Loses Contact with Space Station

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First Posted: Feb 20, 2013 11:48 AM EST
New Crew Aboard Soyuz Capsule Launches to Space Station Along With Olympic Torch
New Crew Aboard Soyuz Capsule Launches to Space Station Along With Olympic Torch (Photo : Reuters)

A latest report from NASA states that on Tuesday the International Space Station briefly lost contact with its ground controllers as the connections got disconnected after a computer software update broke down, but assured that the crew members were safe. This breakdown lasted for less than three hours.

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The space flight controllers based in Houston were updating a software onboard the station's flight computers when one of the station's data relay system broke down, reports AFP.

According to CNN reports, before restoring connection, whenever the craft passed over ground stations in Russia it was able to communicate only every 90 minutes. The station is a product of collaboration between 16 nations and also carries onboard six laboratories that will be used for space research.

NASA spokesman Josh Byerly said that it was not a terrifying situation that took complete control over the mission.

NASA sent out a Tweet stating: "And communications were restored nearly three hours after the initial breakdown."

The U.S. space agency reports that the computer that controls critical station function evaded a backup computer and disrupted the communication between the station and NASA's Tracking and Data Relay satellites, reports AFP.

Commander Kevin Ford who is aboard the station was quoted in CNN stating that the station wasn't in danger. He further said that the craft was flying straight and the crew members were also safe.

The crew members present on the craft consists of two Americans, three Russians and a Canadian.

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