The Effect Of Marijuana On Sleeping Habits; Will It Be Good News Or Bad News?

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:50 AM EDT

The never ending issue regarding the legalization of marijuana is stirring up until now. The people that are pro and cons have been arguing the good and bad effects. People reporting the good side of marijuana wants to help the others with the treatment. Meanwhile, experts that found the bad side of marijuana do not recommend. Now, a new research shows that cannabis is linked to insomnia.

A team of researchers from Boston University suggested in their study that people who smoke marijuana to help them sleep may be doing the experiencing opposite. Their study was published in the Journal of Addictive Disease.

The researchers noted that daily marijuana smokers have a higher rate of the Insomnia Severity Index compared to those who smoke moderately. The authors said that their data can help dispel the myth about the most common use drugs in the United States, as reported by Tribune India

The lead study author Michael stein said that "Better sleep is one of the positive effects that marijuana users swear by, but there has been relatively little careful research on this topic."

To conduct the study the researchers ask for participants. In a total of 98 volunteers, 49 of those reported that they are smoking marijuana on a daily basis, 29 said that they are casual smokers and 20 who never smoke at all. The ages of the participants are in the early 20's.

In the research, the experts studied that sleeping pattern of all the three groups.  They did not found any significant difference between non-users and casual smokers. In line, no important difference was found in daytime sleepiness. But, what they found is that 39 percent of the daily users are in the criteria for clinical insomnia, compared to the 20 percent non-smokers, according to UPI

As follows, Michael stein "Study participants who didn't smoke every day usually smoked in the evening. But once you're smoking multiple times a day, there's a greater chance that you'll report disturbed sleep. Only by stopping marijuana completely, and waiting some time without using at all, will a person be able to determine how marijuana was affecting, or not affecting, his or her sleep."

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