Apple Mac Event 2016 News: New Apple MacBook Models Releasing At The Event?

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:50 AM EDT

It looks like the recent commotion on the Apple Mac Event 2016 is finally coming to a stop with the released date for the event. The date was quite tentative before, but it has now been decided as 27th October. The ones who are planning to buy a new MacBook should wait for the event to reveal the latest ones. And, for the ones who want to attend the event, it is high time! Start booking your flights.

As per the previous events held by Apple, the typical dates chosen are usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday. But, it looks like Tuesday, the 25th of October has already been booked for audits by the tech giant. And, Wednesday, 26 October, has been taken by Microsoft Surface "All-in-One PC" event. And, people would want to visit that as well. So, those dates have been dropped off. So, the most reasonable date is the 27th of October for the Apple Mac Event 2016.

Rumored MacBook specs:

This Apple Mac Event 2016 could be a great place to learn about the new MacBooks which fans are planning to buy. Some rumors about the specs were reported in the previous months. Among them, the most precise one for now is that of a MacBook Air 13" model. This laptop will feature USB type C ports in it.

There is also an update about the revealing of a new MacBook Pro which is speculated to have a digital display over the keyboard. This MacBook might feature Skylate Intel processor chips. Another speculation says that iMacs could also come out which would feature a 5K display monitor instead of the already used, Thunderbolt display. An internal GPU is also reported to be present in the device which will enable MacBooks to run much better resolutions.

 What else is planned for the event will be updated to you with the upcoming news on the topics. So, stay tuned for updates.

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