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LG V20 Pre-Order Available Online This Thursday, October 27 Release Date Confirmed

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:50 AM EDT
LG V20 Pre-order on Sprint
Sprint has an exciting offer for people who are looking to upgrade their smartphone to latest LG V20. Users get benefits up to $349.
(Photo : David Becker/Getty Images))

LG V20, the latest from the flagship smartphones coming from LG will soon become available through T-Mobile.  For customers looking to switch to T-Mobile and trading their old 4G smartphones, the offer comes packed with juicy deals.

For those opting for the LG V20, a pair of headphones (H3 from B&O) come free which is worth $149 making it a value for money proposition.T-Mobile is known for its innovative ways of wooing customers.

LG and T-Mobile looks to be in a hurry to cash in on the Galaxy Note 7 debacle since the LG V20 is also positioned as a premium smartphone. T-Mobile is also the ideal partner since the LTE AWS-3 spectrum is now open for subscription. If you are already on the ONE plan from T-Mobile it gives you the added advantage of enjoying unlimited data anytime, anywhere with your new LG V20.

LG V20 First Look

Pre-orders for LG V20 will be accepted online from coming Thursday. V20 will be available in T-Mobile stores beginning 28 October. The list price is $769.99 and the down payment is $49.99 for a 2-year contract that comes with a $30 fee every month under the installment plan for the equipment.as reported by droid-life.The installment plan is interest-free if you are not looking to fork out the full price of the phone upfront. 

For T-Mobile customers presently under JUMP, no down payment is needed though the monthly charges will be $34 for 18 months. Customers migrating to T-Mobile from other carriers are offered $200 when they exchange their 4G device in working condition and the money can be used for buying the new phone.  This offer is subject to T-Mobile checking out your existing 4G phone.

If you are opting for this exchange offer, you should, therefore, make doubly sure that the 4G phone you tender for exchange is good enough for the deal.The free headphone offer from B&O play is a limited period offer too and you will need to hurry to grab it.

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