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New BMW M5 Leaked – Full Front And Rear Views Surfaces Online

New BMW M5 Leaked – Full Front And Rear Views Surfaces Online

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First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 05:40 AM EDT
BMW M5 Leaked
Ahead of its upcoming official launch in March 2017 at the Geneva motor show, BMW M5 leaks surface online.
(Photo : Thorsten Wagner / Getty Images)

A podcast last night carries what is reported to be the first glimpse of the super sedan from the stables of BMW, ahead of its upcoming official launch in March 2017 at the Geneva motor show. Reports also suggest that the leak has come from someone who claimed to be close to BMW.

BMW M5 Leak

Going by the G30 series revealed recently, the pictures appear to suggest that the next M5 will come with tone-down styling in comparison to the M3.

The twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8 capable of producing an amazing 450kW/850Nm in an updated version is believed to be housed under the M5 bonnet.

The new M5 can accelerate to 100km/h in under 4 seconds with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, aided by the launch control and a 330km/k top out when the 250km/h speed governor does not interfere with the proceedings.

As evident from the leak, the next M5, as opposed to the present F10 M5, will arrive with an option of XDrive that promises to be quicker compared to the rear wheel drive version presenting the big sedan with performance levels that can humble other supercars. as reported by Motoring.

The M5 is also expected to be lighter in construction, thanks to aluminum, magnesium, ultra-high-strength steel and carbon fiber in the construction of the car, though the additional driven axle will add some weight.

The M5 should weigh a minimum of 100 kg less compared to the current version and that should help the handling and agility eclipsing the model being replaced.

The M5 should also be one of the best cars from the BMW stable that you have ever driven, but also present itself as the most relaxing sedans ever in the high-performance category, thanks to an all new cruise control that caters to steering, acceleration and braking at speeds reaching 210km/h.

The new M5 is expected to arrive in the European markets in the second quarter of 2017 through the release schedules for other destinations are still under the wraps. The other concern from a customer viewpoint is the premium for the basic model over the list price of $185,000.

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