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Top 5 Self-Driving Cars To Watch Out For

Top 5 Self-Driving Cars To Watch Out For

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First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 06:29 AM EDT
 Top 5 Self-Driving Cars To Watch Out For
Here's the list of top 5 self-driving cars to watch out for
(Photo : Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images)

It is no secret that all the top automotive companies are working on a developing a driverless car. While companies like Apple are now developing self-driving systems to be retrofitted in existing cars, other car manufacturers are developing self-driving cars themselves. Here's the list of top 5 self-driving cars to watch out for. 

Tesla's Self-Driving Car

Self-driving cars will be a reality by as soon as 2019. Most top car manufacturers are committed to making a full operational driverless Car by 2021.Tesla may very well be winning the race. Elon Musk had earlier announced a launch by 2018 which seems unlikely. With speculations around Tesla's 2.0 autopilot software, it seems Tesla may be the first one to launch a driverless car.

Uber's Self-Driving cars

Uber has already launched a self-driving tech with Ford Fusion cars. As reported by Telegraph, A Few Ubers are already being monitored for the accuracy of the driverless system. Uber and Volvo have also announced a $300 million alliance to develop a self-driving car.

Google's Driverless Car

How can Google be far behind when it comes to technology? Google, unlike other car manufacturers, is developing a completely driverless car with no steering or brakes. Google plans to launch self-driving cars by 2020. Some leaked videos suggest that Google is already testing a prototype.as reported by Business Insider.

Nissan's Self-Driving Car

On the other hand, Nissan has already announced that they have achieved a technological advancement required to develop a driverless car. Nissan is planning to launch Propilot which is a self-driving feature. These will enable cars to drive cars autonomously on highways. Nissan will eventually launch a completely self-driving car by 2020.

Audi's Self-Driving Car

A surprising entry into the tops self-driving cars is Audi. Although Audi has made no big announcement about its driverless car, it has already tested Audi A7 with a self-driving feature. Back in 2015, Audi A7 drove 550 miles by itself. Although there has been no announcement about the launch of driverless Audi A7 hitting the market. It is interesting to note the Audi was the first company to obtain an autonomous driving permit in 2012.

It is quite clear the future of cars is driverless. We can only hope these companies launch the self-driving cars as soon as possible.  Who does not want to give up the stressful driving in peak hour traffic?

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