Fruit-Rich Diet May Cut The Age-Related Macular Degeneration

First Posted: Oct 19, 2016 03:50 AM EDT

Scientists say that people who stick on to a fruit-rich diet are more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration. Age-related macular degeneration or AMD is a typical eye condition which generally affects the people of above 50 years of age.

This disease can cause certain damages to the small spot which is located at the center of your retina. Retina serves the purpose of offering a sharp and clear vision. According to a report published by Science Daily, a study presented at the AAO 2016 states that macular degeneration can lead to blindness. This is the first study conducted which identified that caffeine may be protective against AMD. 

A well fruit-rich diet focuses on consuming lot of fruits, vegetables on one hand and limiting butter and meat products on another hand. A fruit-rich diet can improve the overall health of your heart and reduce the risk of cancer.

To test the hypothesis, a few researchers from the University of Coimbra in Portugal conducted a study on 883 people based on their dietary habits, 449 of whom suffered from AMD. As per the UPI news, the study revealed that 50% of the people who did not follow the fruit-rich diet were prone to the risk of AMD when compared to 39% who followed the diet properly. 54.5% of individuals who consumed fruits on a daily basis did not suffer from AMD.

Researchers also conducted a study which stated that though caffeine is not an important part of a fruit-rich diet, it is known to be a perfect anti-oxidant which can be the best protector to combat against conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

Lead researcher Rufino Silva has said, "The research conducted is evidence to the fact that a healthy, fruit-rich diet is essential to health, including offering protection against macular degeneration." Silva also went on to add that this study can be a stepping stone towards achieving effective prevention to combat with AMD.

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