‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Latest Updates, News And Rumors: Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Expansion Pack Announced? PS3 Support to End?

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 06:10 AM EDT

"Final Fantasy XIV" is announced to get a new expansion pack in summer of 2017. The news was stated by FF XIV director, Naoki Yoshida, during the Final Fantasy XIV Festival held last Saturday.

The expansion, which is being called as "Stormblood", will take players to the beautiful city-state of Ala Mhigo, where the armies will help free the city from the Garlean Empire.

The city that is seen in the "Final Fantasy XIV" Stormblood trailer is Rhalgr's Reach, which will turn out to be the expansion's starting location for the campaign. Moreover, the expansion will have addition of new gigs, enemies, equipment, raids, and dungeons. As stated by Yoshida, one of the new additions is a direct inspiration from Marvel heroes. Rumors suggest that it might be a "red mage" when we see the character wearing a Scarlet Witch shirt in the trailer.

With the expansion, there might also be a level up in the cap to 70. Extension of new gear opens up more space in the inventory section as well. Further news says that combat system will also improve in the pack. Yoshida stated further that there will be regrouping of the skills which might only be applicable among roles, instead of jobs. Further revisions are stated to occur in the moves sections where ineffective or unused actions might be edited or removed.

"Final Fantasy XIV" Stormblood will also feature a special location known as "The Forbidden Land Eureka." The area will feature rare materials and monsters to upgrade equipment and weapons. The presentation for the expansion update closed with final announcement by Yoshida stating that the developers may no longer provide a PS3 version. But, there is a planning for an upgrade from the PS3 to the PS4 version. This will let PS3 users join the game conveniently.

Further details are expected in December, 2016. So, stay tuned to SWR to for more latest updates, news and rumors about the upcoming "Final Fantasy XIV."

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