'Destiny 2' Release Date, Latest News: Will The PC Platform Be Supported?

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 06:00 AM EDT

Multiple reports are saying that the next "Destiny 2" in the sequel will be totally different from previous installment. Reports are saying that the game will not be exclusive to consoles but will also be available for PC.

As previously reported, Bungie will be working on implementing huge changes and tweaks to the second installment of the game even though there is still no specific date for the game's release. The game plot will also be greatly remade. The developers of the game really wants to offer players a new and better version of the game rather than making an extension of the first release of the gameplay.

Destiny has made a pretty remarkable reputation for a game that is reaching its second birthday. Thanks to constant updates and casually adding new features, and robust expansions like the upcoming pack, Rise of Iron and the Taken King. Past the Rise of Iron though at this point, avid fans of the game are already looking forward to something even bigger release, Destiny's second installment, which everyone can only assume will be called "Destiny 2."

While game developers Bungie and Activision have been trying to contain all the beans regarding the said project, some tidbits of information are still finding its way into the open. These information are pointing into a sequel that sees the legendary Guardians who protects Earth in a great peril.

After the release of the original "Destiny" which was only on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, it seems now that the next installment of the game will find its way into the PC world. Both reports from Kotaku and industry insider "shinobi602" are confirming the rumors that the game will hit the PC platform. This has been confirmed when Bungie made the announcement to its employees during an internal presentation.

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