'Friday The 13th The Game' 2016 Release Date, Features & Gameplay: Game's PS4 / Xbox One Launch Delayed To 2017?

First Posted: Oct 18, 2016 05:50 AM EDT

As Halloween draws closer, more of the creepy stuff hidden in our wardrobe starts to come out. The developers at Gun Media sensed this and released a small trailer showing how the gameplay and features of "Friday the 13th: The Game"  will be like. There's a bad news for PS4 / Xbox One players, however, that the 2016 release date of the "Friday the 13th Game" has been delayed into early 2017.

Has the Game really been delayed For 2017?

According to EuroGamer's report, the horror game has been delayed for 2017 to add some new features to the gameplay. Few PS4 and Xbox fans had earlier requested the addition of a few features on Friday the 13th Game that the developers really wanted to consider. These requests were regarding the addition of features including playable Tommy Jarvis' character, Crystal Lake's Packanack Lodge, and new AI-controlled bots.

The addition of these features will not only affect the gameplay, it'll also play a major role in connecting the two chapters: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and A New Beginning and Jason Lives. In a recent statement given to Kickstarter update, developer Gun Media said," While the addition of Single Player and AI Bots means a bigger game for all, they also mean a delay from a Fall 2016 release window to a new launch window scheduled for Spring 2017."

Here's what We know about the game's features so far:

Gun Media earlier revealed some features of Friday the 13th Game. In the new slasher chapter, each character has a different music. The players additionally will get an opportunity to choose which Jason they want in their gameplay from the different seven Jasons. The Game's Jason runs as well, depending on which Mr. Voorhees the players select, reports GameNGuide.

Also, Pamela Voorhees and Momma Voorhees are always in Jason's head and instead of telling stories, they say encouraging words after Jason has done his task. "Friday the 13th Game" has been titled great and classy just like its developer Gun Media team. The Gameplay trailer features the virtual cabin in Crystal lake, which the fans are going to find thrilling.

Is The Beta Version being Launched this year?

While the full game has reportedly been delayed, a beta version is still in line to be released later this year. Pre-order customers, as well as Kickstarter backers, are also reported to receive additional four beta keys that they can share with their friends.

Gun Media will also launch the new Packanack Lodge in early 2017 as the third playable map and finally, the update in summer will feature the single player release and also the AI bots. PS4 / Xbox One Players will have to wait for a while for the new release, but keeping in view the new features it's to come with, the 2017 release is really worth the wait.

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